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I have three music projects right now. On my own is Tyndall Blue, ambient electronica and exploration with various synths and computers, with occasional flute and vocals. Since 1997 I have jammed with Chris Roberts to become Noodle Messiah. In Noodle Messiah, I play a lot more flute, hand drum, and vocal work, but continue lots of synths and electronic percussion. Starting in 2000, I jam with David Norfleet in a not-yet-named project with working name JXDN. I play piano, synths, live MIDI loops, strange electronic effects, flute, vocals, hand drums, and miscellaneous objects that I turn into instruments.

Here are some tracks for you to check out. Tyndall Blue tracks are copyright JX Bell, Noodle Messiah tracks are copyright JX Bell and Chris Roberts, and JXDN tracks are copyright JX Bell and David Norfleet. You may download and listen to these tracks for personal non-commercial use only. No distribution is permitted. All rights reserved. Note: The image below is from the CD compilation I've given to some friends and family.

Download all of these tracks - high quality (60 Megs),
Download all of these tracks - low quality (30 Megs)

Here are related web sites:

 Tyndall Blue ... the web site 
 Noodle Messiah ... the web site
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