JX Software

Shareware for Macintosh
Do It All!™ Calendar
Manage priorities, deadlines, appointments, and events. And do it in an intuitive visual way.
Freeware for Newton 2.x

JX Purge™ 1.0
Add an Option to Delete "Checked" Items in Checklists! JX Purge adds an item to the Action button for checklists called "JXPurge". If you choose this, only checked items will be deleted! JX Purge also changes the behavior of "Delete" for checklists so that you can choose between "delete entire checklist" and "purge checked items". Download in Windows or MacOS archive formats

JX DoubleTap™ 1.0
Turn Double Taps on Silkscreen Buttons into Actions! JX DoubleTap can open an app with an item, like open the Notepad then scroll to your personal checklist or meeting outline! This requires "old style" silkscreen buttons on Newton 2.x. In other words, this is ONLY for Newton 2.0x, not Newton 2.1.Download in Windows or MacOS archive formats.

Do It All!™ Calendar for Macintosh computers
Businesses and Universities: $40
Individuals: Between $15 and $35.
U.K. users: 25 Pounds

JX DoubleTap & JX Purge for Newton PDAs

How to Register Do It All!™ Calendar

Send a check to:
J. Christopher Bell
Do It All!™ Calendar
2261 Market St. #500
San Francisco, CA 94114

Note: do NOT send to the Cole St. address anymore. I do not receive anything that goes there.

Include this info:
1. What apps of mine that you use
2. Your full name
3. Your home address
4. Your email address

If You Do Not Have U.S. checks;
1. Find an "American Express" company office (they are in every major international city) and buy two U.S. $20 Travelers Cheques.
2. Find an American. Give them money in return for a check made out to J. Christopher Bell for a certain amount.
3. Send a personal or business cheque from your own country in your local currency. However, be sure it is enough to convert to U.S. $70, since between $10 to $50 gets lost in finance charges (NOT just the exchange rates). Please tell me what currency if it may not be obvious to Americans.

Email Send email to jx@doitall.com and you MUST put "JXShareware" in the subject or I might not see your email due to spam filtering!