Do It All!™ Calendar
The Shareware Priority and Schedule Organizer for Macintosh
Newest version: Do It All! Calendar v.3.03

Manage priorities, deadlines, appointments, and events.
And do it in an intuitive visual way.

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What do other people say about Do It All!™ Calendar?
MacUser says: ('four mice' rating) "Do It All! [Calendar] is an attractive organizational tool with a strong graphical orientation that serves as priority and things-to-do manager, calendar, and scheduler. On-line documentation tells you how to use the product. Some aspects of this software, for example, font sizing, are eccentric, but the Do It All!, overall, is a great tool with solid features." 

MacWorld says: "Do It All [Calendar], a scheduling/reminder/to-do-list manager, is good-looking, fast, and simple to use."

Shareware Magazine says: "Definite A+ for user interface design and overall product usefulness. ... With its human interface and commonsense approach to scheduling, Do It All! [Calendar] blasts past all other reminder apps we've seen."

Suggested pricing for Do It All!™ Calendar
I ask only for a voluntary donation to me to help finance writing new shareware and public domain software. Send whatever you think this program is worth to you. Here are my own suggestions for what to send:
Businesses and Universities: $40
Individuals: Between $15 and $35.
U.K. users: 25 Pounds Sterling
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JX Bell
Do It All!™ Calendar
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San Francisco, CA 94114
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I get emails about updating the app for Mac OS X. It's been many many years since I updated the application, originally written for Mac OS versions 7, 8, and OS 9. I doubt I ever will update it because it would be a full re-write at this point, and there are many competing applications at this point that are serving the market pretty well.

For people looking for modern Mac OS X equivalent, check out Life Balance from Llamagraphics. That's what I use on Mac OS X and Palm OS, and the app is a Good Thing. :-) Also, the people who make it are really nice and take user feedback well. BTW, there's also a Windows version of Life Balance if you're into that. And of course, there are many other calendar replacements such as Microsoft Entourage (which I use for Calendar and Mail, although not for todo or Notes) and the built-in Mac OS iCal calendar, which is pretty nice.

There are also some new Mac OS X applications that use metaphors closely linked with David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow. BTW, I really like that book and I recommend getting the book or audiobook. Learn more about GTD here and here. New applications include the well-loved-and-longstanding Kinkless GTD (KGTD) system and the extremely-elegant-and-beautiful-looking-but-brand-new Midnight Inbox application. BTW, the KGTD system is going to become a new application called OmniFocus.

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